Daytec Limited

As a company, Daytec's logo had not been updated in over a decade, it had previously consisted of two clipart images a sun and a 1990's desktop computer. I worked closely with CEO Stephen to create a brand new logo and brand guidelines that felt fresh, contemporary and more fitting with the company. These changes were implemented throughout including email footers, PowerPoints and business cards.

"Sarah completed a complete brand refresh for the business. She was able to create a range of designs including a brand new logo, business cards, email footers and PowerPoint templates that all felt professional and true to the brand. Everything was explained clearly and she helped implement the changes across the business. I would recommend her to anyone looking for professional design services." - Stephen, Daytec

Project Work

- Logo Design

- Custom Font

- Brand Guidelines Document

- Email Footers

- Business Cards

- Branded PowerPoint

Case Study


Logo Design

The initial logo inspiration came from two key aspects of the business' day to day workings. 

Image coming soon.

Brand Guidelines

To ensure that the new designs were implemented throughout the business correctly, Stephen opted to include a brand guidelines document. Inside it details the correct way to use the new logo and design styles such as colours and fonts.



As the company frequently pitched and presented to larger businesses, it was essential to include some PowerPoint templates. This helped make the brand more memorable and seem more professional to potential clients.


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